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Into My Heart...
Written last year (2004), gives one the insight of the ming of a young teenage girl who has been out of love and found a deeper love...

The past symbolises

The one whom I thought

Was the ONE (Oh yes!!! THE ONE).

The one the female species tend to refer

to as Mr Right.

He was good (Oh yeah!!! GOOD).

Ah han!!! Good in every sense.

Just that after a while (Almost a year to be precise).

The attention and love I deserved

Wasn't being giving to me.

I seemed to do all the loving without it being reciprocated.

Love should be about two parties

But in this case

It turned into a one-party thing.

Oh yes, from a political perspective this is excellent

As you are ruling

But this can only work in politics

Love cannot be treated as such

It just isn't right

I tried to make it work

I love perfection however; I just couldn't do this on my own

It was like there was a system lapse

Or should I say system breakdown/Crash

We just couldn't communicate without arguing

Ended in a break

Hmmmmm A BREAK (Yes we know how breaks end)

Well, it ended

But there was something

The N-I-G-G-A wanted to have it all

He had the nerve to ask me if I could wait for him


Tofiakwa!!! (Oh I forgot, Tofiakwa means h*ll NO)

Even more than a h*ll NO!!!


Are you thinking what am thinking?

Well yes, I totally agree with you

He is a JERK

A jerk at heart

And to think I would never have agreed to that

I guess I thought what I wanted was something I needed

But I was wrong


Please dont go AWWWWWWW

Don't feel sorry for me

Don't get me wrong; I was once a girl in distress

A girl with a broken heart

But there is no need for sympathy

As my PRESENT has arrived

He is my present and I see a future in him

I never knew I could love again

I think I am drifting away from my point

Lets go back to where I said...

Don't feel sorry for me

Because I Damita Jo found her Romeo

My Romeo was in someone that was always there

He was a friend and still is

Every time my heart ached in pain

He was there to heal me, mend it and calm me down

He was there to talk to me

Theoretically speaking HE WIPED MY TEARS AWAY

He is someone I can relate to in every way

Oh yes, we have a common bond

By the way, it isn't all rosy

We fight too but I love that too

We make up and that is the best part (Not what you are thinking)

We make up and that's how a strong relationship should operate

OK I know, dont say nothing

Am going to conclude

He has come into my life and I don't want him to go

He has showed me that love is about respect and devotion

And deeper than any ocean

My soul was once weary but now replenished

I am content because that part of my life is finished

And this new one has begun

My baby I write this to let you know

You mean the world to me

You are my sunshine

I am not saying I cannot live without you

But I am trying to say

You make it that much better

You are the spark

And I love you

I am glad I didn't end up like the girl in MY BABY (Bow Wow's Song)

I know I have made the right choice

And that choice is YOU.......................

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