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A voice

A search for the definition of a voice.. A search for who I am

I am the Legend of the World Trade Centre
Creatin Fear in the hearts of people to search for oil
I am the glasses of Bola Ige
Not to be worn again after his assasination
I am the rope on the kneck of Ken Saro Wiwa
Stained with blood after I snuffed a life
I am the blood of Abiola
Yet to see an autopsy
I am the wallet of Diallo
Fallen after 42 shots rang out when they thot I pulled a piece
I am the ears of Samuel Doe
Eaten and Digested
I am a mother on the border of Isreal and Palestine
Clinging to the remains of my son
I am the charred remains of a New York City Fireman
Smothered beyond recongnition on the evenin of 9/11
I am a father in Afghanistan
Searchin the streets for my only daughter
I am a brother rummaging thru mass burials in Iraq
Not sure if my brother is the dude on the right or on the left
I am Pat Tillman's jersey
Hung never to be worn...
I am the father and mother of 2 daughters
Shipped to the US bases in Iraq... both dead
I am the gun of an 11 year old boy in liberia
smokin and hot after i killed a 10 year old gurl
I am the corpses of the people in the Okijia
I am the hole in Oshodi with cellulars
Bearing the marks of Clifford Orji's Victims
I am Dele Giwa's kid
Handing my father his death letter
I am the mother of the kids killed in the wake of Cultism
OAU seemed dead for a day.. cos I was crying

I am a voice in the desert searchin for an oasis
I am a voice durin the drought, hoping to see a cloud
I am a lung in the deep sea, makin its way to the surface in search of air
I am a the coughs of a dying man... in search of healing
I am a sinner in search Christ
Who am i really??

I am a voice in search of inner and political peace..

For there to be a word called peace...then there would be a word that defines war. for there to be peace, war will always remain a necessary evil...


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