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Why Nigerian men go home to marry nigerian women"

breifly i read this someone so what do you guys think, i dunt think it's alwayz right

This is indeed an interesting topic and I have one or two things that I would like to know from the Naija brothers out there because I certainly am not getting any unswers from nigerian brothers in this South Africa, I have been going out with a Nigerian guy for the past three years who is very loving and dear to me and he takes care of me like I'm a princesss and I love him whole heartedly. Our relationship seems to be getting better and better all the time except for one problem, he is married to a Nigerian woman whom he has a daughter with, He only sees her at least once or twice a year and stay only two or three weeks and spends the rest with me. He claims the reason he married her was due to family pressures as he has a child with this lady, as he goes on and says that marriage in Nigerian is more of a family thing than an individual thing and honestly speaking I think it sucks, he only marrried her about two years ago, but ever since the marriage he has only seen her four times and only stayed a few weeks there and while he is there he calls me at three to four times a week and he can't wait to come back (home) to me, while I don't understand why a man has to be separated from his wife , I have discussed it with him if his wife will be joining him at any state as he has established a good light business down here and will remain in this country for many years, his answer is always that she should remain in Nigeria and serve her purpose there as a wife, to who I don't know, all he sends her is money and dresses which I sometimes help him choose in buying as I feel for this woman and all she's going through, maybe she's comfortable with the situation, I don't know, but if she is then I pity her because all she's getting from this marriage is nothing but money and material possessions except one thing that matters most, her husband, is this the way marriage is supposed to be in Nigeria, are women subjected to this kind of treatment, if that's the case then this is a problem, what confuses me even most is that these women are said to be educated and are professionals, but I feel only an illiterate will tolerate this, only women from poor backgrounds will be stupid enough to marry for such stupid reasons, I still feel that she could have done better than this, unless of course she was so desperate of marriage that she got herself into this. She's sitting in Nigeria taking care of the guys mother and everyone else while I'm down here with her husband (My loving Boyfriend for three years going for the fourth year) living in a big Loft in an up market suburb that he bought for me, driving the latest car in town that he bought for me, only wear designer dresses that some people only dream about, as a professional my self I don't even use my money as he takes care of everything for me and mind you it is happening everywhere in South Africa and most if not all of these guys are supposed to be married at home, but we seem to be enjoying all the benefits that the so called wives are supposed to be enjoying. The irony of the whole thing is that the whole thing is happening the other way around. I don't even dream of marrying my boyfriend because I'm scared of being subjected to the same treatment these poor women are subjected to not even knowing, so is this what it means for Nigerian guys that go home and marry and then come back to their girlfriends and go on with their lives while the wife remains in Nigeria. I can tell you now, if that's the reason most guys prefer to go home and marry because the Nigerian women in Nigeria are most submissive to their husbands while life is going on out there, then the whole thing sucks, I've seen it happen so much, it's like it's an in thing.

"I feel for this woman and all she's going through... becaus...(karena)
I believe i had replied to this article on a different forum...(Guest: )
It is really a shameful thing that some of our young men (Ni...(orjisteve)
mmmmmm....things that men do ! When will naija men stop want...(Guest: )
If you feel so bad for the woman, why are you still banging...(Guest: )
ya excatly quit messing around with his wife seems u feel so...(thugglover)
...(Guest: )
Men who do that lack real sense of family and thank God u do...(Guest: )
You cynical hypocrite, you are indeed very concerned and "fe...(Guest: )
it ok. it just shows lobe for your own people and the mother...(kay)
What arrogance! where do you come from? why are you painting...(Guest: )
What arrogance! where do you come from? why are you painting...(Guest: )
Well, the gods are not to be blamed. Who is guilty? the ma...(Guest: )
make una come see Ameican wonder!! dis SA girl na real JJC....(Guest: )
There is more to it ...(Guest: )
well woman u r feeling sorry for this woman. that is what ni...(Guest: )
This is an unfair situation that in my opinion comes from lo...(Guest: )
You are the one that is being used. Not his wife. You are ...(Guest: )
I can see someone is transparent in announcing her stupidity...(Guest: )
The funny thing is my dear, you sound proud when you should ...(Guest: )
Na craze world be dis no b village dem marry d woman she no ...(Guest: )
You know that this man is married, yet you choose to be inti...(Guest: )
thats the best to do as an african man...(Guest: )
Well,i have read the story but i do not want to believe that...(Guest: )
While i was hoping not to comment on this, i finally decided...(Guest: )
Frankly that's B.S Sister. If you really felt bad about her ...(Guest: )
TO ME i FeeL if you know the man has a wife then don't mess ...(Guest: )
I'm a half Nigerian young lady and I consider myself mostly ...(Guest: )
well, u have no business dating a married man/ breaking his ...(Guest: )
God is not asleep. Since you feel so bad for this poor young...(Guest: )
You are swiming in shark infested waters. I think there are ...(Guest: )
U are a disgrace to womanhood ( south Africans). I am marrie...(Guest: )
My Dear it will depend from that man heart if he is playi...(Guest: )
Both him and his wife are educated illiterate. U are even wo...(Guest: )
...(Guest: )
Im South and proud i warn my sisters theres nothing to them ...(Guest: )
I don't know how you can say he loves his wife more, when he...(Guest: )

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