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Asorockers : Time To Change

From The Sailor's Perspective

have come to realise that off late most of the females in this community hardly contribute to any topic,this i also realise is not due to their own intention but rather some of the males in the community scare them away due to different reasons ranging from insults,bad use of language on their personmoon,i have also realise that few guys have made the community a battle ground where they send their missiles.abeg make una carri una battle go front oooo.
i want to use this opportunity to plead with the guys (most especially male guys) in the house to pls change their attitude for the sake of this site,i joined asorock simply bcos i realised that it is one the fastest growing nigerian website and where one can find alot of fun too with ppl of intellect,professionals and hardworking guys in the house,with over 7 thousand ppl on board,their are alot of nigerian websites but their u do not find such a big number and also fun,such sites include hookupnigerians,go to yorubasonoline,this are few of Nigerians webpages but then asorock is the place things are done the right way where both Nigerians at home and in diaspora meet and discuss issues,get to know each other and have fun as the primary aim,we need to know at this point that whoever u are or ur background we are not here to flex muscles rather to catch fun and make one another happy,the number ppl coming on board daily to complain the use of abusive languages is growing and that is the reason why i am prompted to send this here for all of us to read.
The guys must learn to respect our ladies, i hear so many stories from naija guys abroad (i mean my good friends,who i know quite well here b/4 they left)about our females and what they do(though i don't believe all cos am not there),but i will like to state here that what i have noticed from the guys(male) abroad so far is that they do not have a single inch of respect for the average naija girl abroad,they treat them like sh*t and see them piece of paper to be thrown into the dustbin for goodness sake let us for onces treat our ladies with respect,am sure the ladies we have their reasons why they run away from an average naija guy abroad too.A naija guy might have come across a naija girl on the street of yankee,take her to bed on the second day but u don't compare these ur same girl to every naija girl on the street of yankee or abroad,am in naija but then i have lorry and loads of friends there including u my friends on the rock too,so guys show our ladies some respect no matter what the situation is,we all are created by the Almighty and in some circumstances we can make decisons which atimes are might be detrimental or help our situations as it may, i don't think what most of the guys are doing to ladies are abroad is fair in my own thinking,take for instance some ladies in the house post a topic but u find them not contributing at the end of the day simply bcos some guys in the house might have pollute the topic beyond their imagination and that is why they do not send the pics in too,bcos note it,no lady wants to be insulted no matter from who and how small the insult might sound or look.
I have a friend here in naija who met a naija girl about 5 months ago on,the girl is in naija now to see this my guy ooooo,after exchange of several mails,chatting,calls and pictures,she only came for a 2 weeks visit in naija to see her ppl and my this my friend too but as at this morning the guy confirm to me that she don postpone this visit to 4 weeks simply bcos she saw what she likes in the guy,atleast giving the relationship a chance and also a trial and just on this net they met oooo and mind u they are in Q-PALACE ,Maitama,abuja now cooling off,so una see anythin can happen on the net so as it is in naija style,go to other naija sites u don't read all this kind of stories where they soo much disrespected the ladies there,some male guys in the community has already sent some females away,ha!!!am tired of this and i know quite alot of guys and females are tired of these happenings too and i also know a number of ppl will leave if these so called attitude continue,so pls and pls let us continue to make lead as asorockers while the other follows,asorock is the site to be ,we should work hand in hand to make the fun remain,invite friends into this site and make them see reasons why they should stay back after joining,but if we continue the bombshell then asorock will die a natural death the same way some naija sites are already dead by now.
I am not saying these to hit at anyone in the house,but am only contributing my own quota to the growth of this fun filled,educating and best naija community on the net.
i no say una go fire me missiles all di way from Iraqi but i ready for all of una.
pls let us show some love to one another,i have spoken.ahoy!!!!peace.

Afolabi .T. Albert
Installation Engineer
SubSurfaces/Maintenance Dept.
Cecnet Technologies Inc.
B.Eng,Msc (Econs) C++,JAVA,MCSE.

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