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What Are The Responsibiliities Of A Boyfriend?

The other day I went to visit a friend of mine. All during the visit, she was complaining that her boyfriend had refused to give her money to fix her hair. I was aghast. Even though this my friend had a very good job, and can jolly well afford to do it by herself.
She looked at me and smiled at my naivete. And told me that it was her boyfriend's responsibility to make her look beautiful.
Her reply got me thinking about the responsibilities of a guy in a relationship.
Some ladies believe it is the responsibility of a boyfriend to take care of their basic necessities, like beauty upkeep, pocket money, and if possible sef, pay their rent and phone bills.
But, Eko Sista doesn't think it is right.
Why?...If there is no commitment, your father should be responsible for your upkeep until you get a decent job.
Most women expect so much from a boyfriend. For Christ sake, you guys are STILL friends.
Most women claim they take care of their boyfriends by sleeping with them when the urge arises on the man's side. If I was a guy, and I knew my girlfriend thought this way, I would see someone close to a prostitute.
Oya...make all you women dey vex come!
I think it is wrong. We shouldn't expect so much from our boyfriends because whatever a guy does for us he does out of compassion and good will.
Keeping a relationship with a guy does not mean he is obliged to you unless there is a commitment and the relationship is leading towards marriage.
Women should show themselves a little bit of respect ojare, by getting something decent to do, so we don't become dependent on the men.
I feel any woman who expects anything from a guy, and makes it clear that she has to get something from her boyfriend for sleeping with him is nothing but a tart.
Oya, vex some more!
We ladies should have a little bit of respect and dignity and in return, I believe the men WILL show us respect. If we don't value ourselves, we should not be offended if the men disrespect us.
No man will respect a woman who is overly dependent and who believes that he should do everything for her.

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