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Overcoming Misconceptions About Sex

Most people consider sex as evil, dirty and degrading. Some people even try to act as though they have no sexual feeling. They ignore core issues that concern their sexuality. They have failed to realize that sex in itself is part of the handwork of a very creative artist- God Almighty.
The attitudes they have developed have caused them to frown at anything that seems to give sex a good footing. Nobody seems to want to sincerely, honestly, and joyfully look into the various issues that make up, influence and improve a person's sexuality. The purposemoon of sex and the place it has in an individual's life are not given serious thoughts (or considerations).
Generally speaking, there is something wrong with the way people are brought up to view sex. As a result, sex has been and is being abused. Truly, one stands a greater chance of abusing that which he is ignorant of and/or that which he ignores. The general attitudes of people towards sex have led to its abuse. This shows that they abhor wrong conceptions about sex. They have not yet come to the understanding of the purposemoon of sex.
There are those who believe that sex arise solely because of lustful desires. As a result, they uphold that it hinders one from having a strong divine connection with God. As far as they are concerned, sex must be sacrificed for spiritual development. These groups of people fall under the category that sees sex as evil. Anyhow, some admit that it is "a necessary evil".
Would things be different for them if they try to understand the spirituality involved in sex? Would they think differently if they hear what someone else has got to say about all that sex involves?
Another attitude cultivated by some is the idea of "if it feels good, do it". "Sex feels good", they say and as such everybody is encouraged to practice it irrespective of their marital status- single, separated, divorced or married. They uphold that sex is fun and should be indulged in by anyone. All that is required is consent, period.
Sure, sex feels good; it is great and it can be much fun. But is it intended for just anyone, at anytime, any age? Some people indulge in sex because "everyone is doing it". It is unwise for one to indulge in anything simply because every other person is involved. By the way, is it really true that everyone is doing it? Knowing the right answer is very important. The truth would prevent the abuse of sex that is evident in societies all over the world.
Misconceptions about sex are not new. And so many people do suffer as a result. They suffer heartaches, tensions, pains and fears. Misconceptions arise not only as a result of wrong attitudes, but also because of traditions, taboos and myths. Ignorance of the sexual physiology (the science of how the body works or functions in relation to sex and/or sexuality) is a chief contributing factor. However, there is a way out.
Humans can overcome misconceptions about sex and build intimate marital relationships. When human beings understand, identify with and appreciate their own sexuality and its purpose, they gain the ability to overcome common misconceptions and build intimate marital relationships. Wrong notions (or misconceptions) about sex abound in our societies. They include statements like 'sex is dirty'; 'sex is for procreation only'; 'a woman's sex life is over at menopause' and 'a woman is not capable of orgasm'. There are people who regard sex as dirty. They believe it is ungodly. They have little or no respect for sex.
A strong reason for this has to do with their upbringing. Their parents or guardians have imbibed the 'Victorian mentality' of sex being evil in them. They grew up in an environment that frowns at sex and looks upon sex with fear, shame and suspicion-- a mysterious suspicion. The abuse of sex is another good reason. Sex is looked upon with disdain because of the shameless display of sexual immorality.

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