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Three Nigerian women who are friends met and when their discussions got round to their innermost problems; this was what ensued:

First woman: My problem is kleptomania, I steal a lot, Do you know that the last time I went to the Arinzes,I stole the wifes underwear,as if that isn,t enough I stole Iyabos cellphone from her purse when she wasnt looking last week Tuesday,in fact I need help with this problem.Please you pppl know this is a secret

Third woman: You no get problem na only the three of us dey here.

Second Woman to the first woman: My dear you do not even have any problem,You know I am happily married,but my greatest problem is that I sleep with any thing that calls itself a man.

Third and second woman in unison: Really?

Third Woman: How bad is it?

Second woman: Hmmn, Do not tell my Husband sha but I have slept with all his brothers including his father,I have slept with Mustapha our neighbours gateman,I have even slept with John my Sons best friend.

First woman: Ol girl you get problem o

Second Woman: Abi,I need help joo,So wetin be you problem(To the third woman)

Third woman: Abeg una no get problem at all at all,My own problem is so complex that it has gotten me into trouble so much, that Ive grown to accept it Because after all the deliverances by various pastors I cannot get myself to stop it.

First and second woman in unison: Tell us now, maybe we can help you

Third woman: Well I be Professional Amebo, Nothing wey I hear wey I no de now wey una dey talk, I just dey plan how I go broadcast all this tory and I can never be satisfied until I do my work.

Afternote :candid comments please

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