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One evening after attending the theatre, two gentlemen
were walking down the avenue when they observed a
rather well dressed and attractive young lady walking
just ahead of them. One of them turned to the other
and remarked, I d give $200.00 to spend a night with
that woman . To their surprise, the woman overheard
the remark and turning around said. Ill take you up
on that. She had a neat appearance and a pleasant
smile, so after bidding his companion goodnight, the
man accompanied the lady to her apartment where they
immediately went to bed.
The following morning, the man presented her with
$100.00 and prepared to leave. She demanded the rest
of the money, stating if you dont give me the other
$100.00 I will sue you for it. He laughed, saying,
Id like to see you get on those grounds.
The next day he was surprised when he received a
summon ordering his presence in court as the defendant
in a lawsuit. He hurried to his lawyer explaining the
details of the case. His lawyer said. She cant
possibly get a judgement against you on such grounds,
but it will be interesting to see how her case is
After the usual preliminaries, the ladys lawyer
addressed the court as follows: Your Honour, my
client, this young lady here, is the owner of a piece
of property, a garden spot surrounded by a profuse
growth of strawberry, which property she agreed to
rent to the defendant for a specified length of time
for the sum of $200.00/ the defendant took possession
of the property used it extensively for the purpose
for which it was rented, but on evacuating the
premises, he paid only $100.00 one-half the amount
agreed upon. The rent was not excessive, since it is
restricted property, and we ask that judgement be
granted against the defendant to assure payment of the
balance due.
The defendants lawyer was impressed and amused as the
way his opponent presented his case. His defence
therefore was somewhat different that he originally
planned it to be presented. Your honour, my client
agrees that the young lady has a fine piece of
property, and that he did rent it for a time and a
degree of pleasure from the transaction. However, my
client found a well on the property, around which he
placed his own stones, sunk his shaft and erected a
pump, all labour was performed personally by him. We
claim that the improvement to the property was
sufficient to offset the unpaid balance and that the
plaintiff was adequately compensated for the rental of
said property. We therefore ask that the judgement not
be granted.
The young ladies lawyer replied with this, Your
honour, my client agrees that he did find a well on
her property and that he did make improvement such as
my opponent described. However, had the defendant not
known that the well existed he would never have rented
the property in the first place. Also upon evacuating
the premises, the defendant removed the stones pulled
out the shaft, and took the pumps with him. In so
doing he not only dragged the equipment through the
strawberry, but left the hole much larger than it was
prior to the occupancy making it accessible to little
Thats our case your honour.
JUDGEMENT GRANTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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