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Chinedu Ezeike
We all know that in order to succeed in life, we should strive hard to achieve our goals by any means necessary

March 17 2001

We all know that in order to succeed in life, we should strive hard to achieve our goals by any means necessary. If you happen to succeed (even through devious means) don't hesitate to praise the Lord! Some of us obviously share this view, as was the case with a lady at a Nigerian church that I recently attended.

I attended church this past Sunday and I felt very much at home being that it was a Nigerian church. The church just recently moved to a new location so there was still an air of festivity and optimism. One of my favorite parts of the church service is testimony time. This is when people come up to the front of the church and give thanks to God by testifying on the goodness of the Lord and what he has done in their lives.

After a glorious singing session by the choir the pastor personally invited a member of the church to come up and give her testimony. We were also notified earlier that the lady giving the testimony provided R.S.V.P (Rice and Stew Very Plenty) for the congregation. This set my chop-o-meter off the scale because wherever there is food, yours truly must be there.

Everybody listened attentively so as to grasp everything the lady was saying. You could tell she was very happy so naturally we were willing to partake in the spirit of blessing too. So she proceeded to tell her story.

Apparently she has been praying for immigration papers that will make her a landed immigrant in Canada for years. She finally got it and that was basically her testimony. But how did she achieve this goal? Well according to her she filed all the necessary papers through the legal system while retaining a lawyer to represent her which is always the case. But results and feedback from the government were slow in coming so she decided to try a new system.

To cut a long story short she went ahead and arranged to be married to a Canadian citizen so as to get her papers. Of course in order to do this she had to hunt for a "potential groom" with a suitable price. It's no secret that this is a booming business where people make it their job to hook people up with partners that already have citizenship status, for the right price. As soon as the papers come the marriage is dissolved and everybody is happy. This is a widespread practice among people from many countries across the globe that come to Canada to start a new life, from Europeans to Africans and South Americans. While this is common it is still a SCAM plain and simple and if one gets caught, it means automatic deportation.

This lady went into elaborate details explaining all the steps involved and how careful she and her "partner" had to be so as not to get caught lying. I scoped the congregation and I saw mixed reactions. A few people shook their heads, got up and left. A lot of people burst out laughing. My jaw dropped, shockingly "flabber-whelmed" at what was being said by the lady. She even managed to jokingly ask why people where laughing, oblivious to the fact that she just committed a blunder!

I have seen crooks in church every Sunday. I have also seen these them come up and give thier testimonies. But I have never in my life witnessed any of these crooks give out the "true" details on how they "prosper" be it drugs or 419. This lady was proudly and publicly inviting the church to rejoice with her for successfully scamming the Government of Canada! What a shame! As these types of activities become more widespread, society is becoming more tolerant and in turn they develop an "I don't care attitude".

It is obviously not my intention to question the integrity of the church or the Christian faith. However, I am concerned that this woman had the temerity to make such statements in the church. This is a further sign of the social and spiritual decadence that has become commonplace in our society. There will always be bad and good people. But bad things can now be celebrated - even in a place of worship.

And yes, I ate the rice, and the meat pie, and the goat meat, and the bottlemoon of malt, and the chicken. May the Lord forgive me!

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